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VTO provides clients with cost-effective solutions to a wide-range of aerospace related problems using experienced, proven resource teams. By judiciously leveraging secure Internet technologies, the Virtual Technical Office offers clients timely and cost-effective solutions for their challenges.

The Virtual Technical Office provides support in the development of engineering/technical and air traffic control solutions as well as assisting clients with failure investigations and insurance/liability issues. 

Engineering capabilities include the application of closed-form and numerical stress analysis for both metal and composite structures, fatigue and damage tolerance analysis, structural testing at the coupon, component and full-scale structural level, corrosion evaluation, certification compliance, structural health monitoring, ASIP analysis and implementation, Independent Validation and Verification (IV&V) and supporting software development. 

Air Traffic Services include assistance with airspace structures, route structures and procedure development; development and management of operational and system requirements; Hazard Identification and analysis; Safety Requirement derivation; procurement specification for new equipment; tender evaluation; validation and verification testing; Air Traffic Engineering (ATE) and ATC procedures; development, implementation and maintenance of Safety, Quality and Maintenance Management systems; safety audits and surveys; efficiency audits.

Whether you are coping with excessive workload, seeking to replace lost corporate expertise, require Mentoring/Training for your staff or need to initiate work in new areas, the VTO solution is tailored to your requirements regardless of where in the world you are located.
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